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App Development, Cloud Migration, and Cyber Security giving you headaches?
It’ll be OK with KTEK.

KTEK works with Tech Founders, Startups, and SME's making sure they have one less thing to worry about — ready to take on any task from start to finish.

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Are you a startup? We can help you accelerate!

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Our Services - We Do It All.


Here’s an overview of all the services we provide. What we also love doing is going beyond the beaten paths and developing something truly unique. Please do get in touch to see how we can help you turn vision into reality.

molUI/UX design and prototyping
molWeb Application Development
molMobile Application Development
molApplication Modernisation & maintenance
molCloud Transformation and Platform
molCyber security consultation
molProject Management and Software Delivery
molE-Commerce consultation and launch
molSEO & Digital Marketing
molSupply On-Site/On-Demand Software
Developers for start-ups
molAgile software delivery and scoping MVP
for concepts
molOn-call support and 24/7 x 365-day IT
molIn-house app development and launch

Are you a startup?
We can help you accelerate and scale!

Startup acceleration can be a great resource for early-stage companies looking for support and guidance as they work to grow and develop. We’ve got the products and the services for every step of your startup!


Requirement analysis

Scope MVP for the Pre-seed round

Strategic Cloud-native architecture

Product-stage planning & roadmap

Concept prototyping

End-to-End product development using


Product roadmap execution

Developer hire platform and recommendations

UI/UX design

Software architecture reviews and automation

Cyber Security coverage for public-facing services.


Full development services

Review software / eliminate scaling blockers

Review resources and optimize efficiencies

Transformations for manual tasks and automation

Cloud Platform Management


Project management and product enhancements

Delivery through outsourcing or placements

On-call developer support 24/7

Customisation + Production incident management


Data-driven product enhancements or feature development

Microservices or monolith strategies

Tackling on Tech Debt on services

Service catalogue reviews for optimum
cost savings

Cyber Security coverage for
public-facing services.

KTEK means Agile, all the way!
We deliver agile software delivery! In agile delivery, the software is developed in short, iterative cycles called "sprints." Each sprint typically lasts one to four weeks and involves a team of developers working together to build and test a specific set of features or functionality. Agile development methods are often beneficial when working on software projects that are prone to change or have unclear requirements. By breaking the project into smaller iterations and regularly reassessing the development plan, teams that utilise agile practices can efficiently respond to changes and deliver value to their clients quickly.
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Getting to Know Us

We have tailored our services, products, and pricing to fit the needs of small businesses, and we've been helping small businesses across the United States solve their business challenges through software automation for over 15 years. We look forward to helping you level up your business, too with our innovative technology offerings.

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We talk from experience when we say that a 20-minute phone call is often all it needs to understand the task at hand and a perfect springboard to start a working relationship.
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